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Taunton Deane Water Polo          TDSwaterpolologo

Welcome to the Water Polo section of Taunton Deane Swimming Club. If you can swim and would like to participate in a challenging team sport – then why not give Water Polo a go!

We are based at St. James Swimming Pool in Taunton

Juniors Boys and Girls - Sunday between 6pm-7pm

Senior Men’s and Women’s – Sunday between 7pm-8pm

Please find attached our general booklet containing information on Water Polo in Taunton.
Why play Water Polo?

According to the ASA website Water Polo is an incredibly physical sport and it is regarded as one of the most demanding of all team games. A water polo player can cover up to three kilometres in a game so they need to train very regularly to maintain their fitness. Water polo is a fast-paced sport played by two teams in a swimming pool. There are goals at each end of the pool and the winner is the team that scores most goals by getting the ball between the posts.

Each team is allowed to have seven players in the water at any one time (six outfield players and a goal keeper). Other than the goalkeeper, you will see the other players moving continuously around the pool playing in both attack and defence. Players are not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool and must tread water the entire time- they use a movement called eggbeater, which is more efficient than the normal action of treading water and it allows them to jump up out of deep water without touching the bottom.

Players can move the ball by throwing it to a teammate or swimming while pushing the ball in front of them. They can only hold the ball with one hand, other than the goalkeeper who is allowed to use both hands.

Water polo players need remarkable stamina because of the considerable amount of holding and pushing that occurs during the game. Because it’s such a fast game and can be exhaust each team is allowed a maximum of six substitutes and players can return to the pool after a time on the substitute bench.

Water polo is a very physical sport as players jockey for position or aim to knock away or steal the ball from the other team. Fouling is very common and free throws are awarded whenever the referees see a minor foul. There is also a lot of activity under the water that the referee doesn’t see as each team tries to dominate the opposition.

Watch the Final of London Olympics 2012 by clicking here.

If you want more information here are two sites which you may find useful:

ASA Water Polo

Mini Polo
is a beginner’s version of Water Polo and is a fun, high-energy ball game for those who want to give it a go. It is a great multi-skill activity that teaches the fundamentals of aquatics and sport as a whole, in line with Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD).
Mini-polo is open to anybody between the ages of 9 and 13 years old.
To get involved come along on Sunday between 6pm and 7pm to give it a go.

What is our Long Term Player Development for Water Polo?

All session plans are based on the ASA’s Long Term Player Development framework for Water Polo. In general, the plan is fluid and players normally advance through the framework based on their ability.

Logistically, due the number of players in each age group, girls and boys of all age groups will normally train together. This allows the younger players to be mentored by the older players.

It should be noted that girls and boys are able to complete in mixed teams until the age of 15.

Phase of LTPD

Calendar Age

Core Phase

Description of Phase



Under 10


Learn to have fun in Water Polo.

Improve ordinary swimming strokes.

Teach Water Polo swimming strokes.

Introduction to the basics of water polo games (mini-polo)

Game like dry land training.

“Fun, safety, basic skills and understanding.”

Learning to Play

Under 11

Learn to Learn

Have fun in Water Polo.

Perfection of the basic skills.

Introduction of dry land training with own body weight exercises.

Introduction items such as warming up.

Personal care

Mental skills

Games are a component of training process.

Under 12

Enjoy Playing

Training to Train

Under 13

Enjoy Playing

Increase of the number of training hours.Continue dry land training.Introduction of strength training.Develop warming up.Personal care.Prehab/rehab/rest and mental skills.Develop during games technical, tactical and mental skills.Learn to combine sport and study.

“Safe and enjoyable experience of the 7-a-side game”


Under 14



Under 15


“The performance of Water Polo skills to fulfil the principles of a game”


Under 16


If you would like more information on the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) of Water Polo then please contact one of the coaches.

Please find attached more information on LTPD of Water Polo.

What is it going to cost?

What does it cost to join us and have some serious fun? 

Annual Fees

Registration fee to join Taunton Deane Swimming Club = £15.00

ASA fees = £18.00

If you are already a member of Taunton Deane then you do not have to pay another registration fee. If you already pay ASA fees, either by being a member of Taunton Deane, or in being a member of another club, then you do not have to pay the ASA fees.

To play Water Polo

If you just want to play Water Polo = £18.00 a month

If you already swim or syncro then the cost = £9.00 a month

If you want to pay-as-go-play, then the cost is = £5 a session

For more information please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (click link) Bryan White (Water Polo Head Coach).


The document is available in 'PDF' or 'Word' formats. To download - 'right-click' on the document and select 'save as'

Water Polo Information Pack - pdf
Water Polo Information Pack - Word Document






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