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Taunton Deane Swimming Discipline Code Print E-mail

Behaviour that impinges upon current legislation re sex, ethnic origin, religion or disability will not be tolerated within the club.  Any infringements will include automatic suspension.

1. Introduction

Rule 13 of the TDS Constitution sets out the responsibility of the Management Committee to formulate a Discipline Code. The code will cover all aspects of the Club such as Training Sessions, Events, Functions and any other activity where the Club is being represented. This will include Galas, Competitions and any social or presentation functions where members are representing the Club.

The Code will cover breaches of discipline such as misbehaviour, non co-operation and disruption and any activity likely to bring the Club into disrepute. The purpose of the code is to give all members a system whereby discipline matters can be dealt with fairly, impartially and quickly. This will ensure the smooth running of the Club and its activities.

Upon receipt of a written complaint, a letter must be sent within 72 hours to the complainant acknowledging receipt. When a Breach of Discipline is reported to them the Committee will decide what action should be taken. This may take the form of a Verbal or Written warning or may result in the member being expelled from the Club. The Management Committee may, where appropriate, set up a Disciplinary Panel consisting of three members of the Committee together with an Adult member of the Club who is not a member of the Committee. This panel will be responsible for investigating any Breach of Discipline referred to them by the Committee. Where such a Panel in convened the Committee will take into account its findings.

2. Breach of the Discipline Code by a Swimming Member

2.1 Where the alleged Breach of Discipline takes place at any Training Session, the details should be brought to the attention of one of the Teachers/Coaches present at that session. He/She should make a written record of the full details of the alleged breach and by whom reported together with any initial action taken e.g. Verbal Warning to the swimmer, parents informed, swimmer suspended for session.

2.2 If the alleged Breach takes place at any Gala or Competition where members are representing the club then the matter should be reported to the Team manager or to one of the Coaches responsible for the team at the event who should make a written record of the details and any action taken.

2.3 In cases where the Breach occurs other than in circumstances outlined in 2.1 or 2.2 above and the person witnessing the occurrence believes it serious enough to be reported then he/she should do so without delay to a member of the Management Committee who shall make a written record of the report.

In all cases the matter should be brought to the attention of the Secretary of the Management Committee IN WRITING as soon as possible and in any case within 72 hours.

When a report is received The Management Committee will cause the matter to be investigated without delay. Where appropriate the Committee will set up a Disciplinary Panel (See 1.3 above) which will carry out the investigation. In addition the Committee will ensure that both the swimmer and, where the swimmer is under 18 years of age, the parents or guardians are informed of the allegation.

3. Further Breaches of Discipline

3.1 The Discipline Code will be operated broadly in line with the term ‘Three Strikes and you’re out.’ Where a member breaches the discipline code (Other than in 4 below) it is envisaged that the action initially agreed by the Committee will normally be in the form of a Verbal Warning given by an appropriate person nominated by the Committee.

3.2 Where a member, who has been given a warning, breaches the code again the procedure outlined in 2 above will still take place but the Committee in deciding further action will take into account the previous breach. On this occasion the member will be made aware of the serious nature of the situation and the possible consequences of any further breach.

3.3 Where a member is in breach of the Code for a third time the Secretary to the Management Committee MUST BE INFORMED IMMEDIATELY IN WRITING. The member and, where appropriate, a parent or guardian, will be notified in writing of the allegation and informed that they will immediately be suspended from all further Club activities. The allegation WILL be referred to a Discipline Panel who will fully investigate the matter and report back to the next Committee Meeting. Where there would be a serious time delay consideration will be given to convening a Special Meeting of the Committee. If the further allegations are proved correct the member will face expulsion from the club.

4. Serious Breach of Discipline

4.1 Where the behaviour of a Member is considered to be so bad the action outlined in 3.3 above may be implemented without redress to Paragraphs 2.1, 2.2, 3.1 or 3.2. Any Committee Member, Teacher/ Coach, Lifeguard or Poolside Helper may take this action. The Secretary to the Management Committee must be informed immediately and will ensure that the Member and, where appropriate, the parent or guardian is informed IN WRITING as soon as possible of the allegation and the action taken. Such behaviour would include Violence, Extreme Bad Language, Any Criminal Act or any form of Abuse. This list is not exhaustive and it will be for the Management Committee to decide what constitutes a serious Breach of Discipline.

5. Breach of Discipline Code by Non-Swimming Member or Non-Member

Any Breach of Discipline by a member not engaged in swimming should be reported to a member of the Management Committee who will forthwith inform the Secretary. Where appropriate the matter may be dealt within the terms of Para 2.1, 2.2, 3.1 and 3.2 above but where this is considered inappropriate then the matter WILL be referred to a Disciplinary Panel who will undertake an investigation and report back to the Committee. The Committee will have the final decision as to any action to be taken.

Where any member observes bad behaviour by any person who is not a member of the Club AND the behaviour takes place within premises and at a time under the control of the Club then the appropriate authorities for the premises should be informed. If the person responsible is present with a member or in support of a member then the matter should be reported to the Secretary of the Management Committee. The Committee reserve the right to ask the appropriate authority to expel or ban any person from sessions controlled by the Club for bad behaviour.

6. Explusion and Right of Appeal

Rule 13 (e) of the Constitution states: - The Management Committee may, if in their opinion the interests of the Club so require, invite any member, by registered letter stating briefly the matter complained of, to resign his or her membership within a stated period. In the event of such a member failing to reply or resign within the specified period, a Special Meeting of the Management Committee shall be convened to consider the matter; the member in question shall be given one weeks notice thereof and shall be given the opportunity to be heard in his or her defence. Should two thirds of the Management Committee members present at that meeting vote in favour of the member’s expulsion, then he or she shall forthwith cease to be a member of the Club. There will be a right of appeal to the Steering Group.