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Charlie Attwood
Gold Medallist charlieeyof







Jacob Greenow
National  Medallist


Medley Relay Champions 2014



ST3 - Information

ST3 will prepare swimmers for the Comp 1 & Comp 2 Squads.
ST3 is primarily concerned with stroke and skill development and developing aerobic capacity/endurance. However there is a far greater amount of pool time available to also develop fitness. This fitness will develop through the time spent in the water and will prepare swimmers for the competition squads.
ST3 swimmers MUST complete a weekly training log each Sunday by clicking the link below. 
ST3 Coach: Graham Davidson
Squad Rep: Sarah Keen

Swimmer movements between groups. New Guide effective from July 2013 until further notice.
Application Form for Promotion. Click here to download.

Core land work for swimmers

Please see the following article for more detail. (under construction)

Post race and training recovery

Guide to the importance of warm down and recovery.

Land Work Sheets for ALL TDS swimmers (ST3, COMP1 and 2, SQUAD)

Please download this guide to be used in conjunction with your theraband (available from your coach or Graham)

Collection forms for swimmers to record their weekly test results:
100m/400m Kick Test.

Click here to submit

Turn test.

Click here to submit.

15m test.

Click here to submit.


Eating and Nutition advice:

Eating during competition click here

ST3 Weekly Training Log Click Here 
Goal Setting Form click Here
County Qualifiers form click Here
Club Record Application form click Here
Data Collection / Change of details click Here

ST3 - Training

ST3 train a total of 6 hours per week in the pool.

Swimmers should swim an average of 3 sessions per week unless otherwise agreed with the Lead Coach (School sessions may be taken into account). For example allowances will be made during exam periods and those undergoing rehabilitation


ST3  Training
Day AM PM Venue



ST3 - Venues

Taunton Prep School & Keeling Pool

As the Club does not own its own facilities access to swimming facilities relies on the goodwill and tolerance of outside organisations. Any behaviour disrespectful to these organisations or their property, which could compromise the use of the facility by the Club, is strictly forbidden.

Premises should be left clean and tidy any damage or mess should be reported to coaching staff immediately.

Taunton School

Male swimmers should use changing room A. Female swimmers should use the area where the lockers are in the girls changing rooms.

Taunton School Sports Club members use this facility at the same time as the Club and as such the highest behavioural standards must be maintained. Failure to do so will result in swimmer(s) being banned from the facility at the request of Taunton School Sports Club.

The school has a secure door on entry to the pool. Please do not obstruct this door from closing under any circumstance.

Keeling Pool

Swimmers must use the members changing area.


 ST3 Group training information pack

The document is available in 'PDF' or 'Word' formats. To download - 'right-click' on the document and select 'save as'

ST3 Group Information Pack - pdf
ST3 Group Information Pack - Word Document






To read PDF documents you will need Adobe Acrobat reader (or a similar program), which can be downloaded from here:


  Adobe Reader
  Download Foxit Reader Here










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