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Charlie Attwood
Gold Medallist charlieeyof







Jacob Greenow
National  Medallist


Medley Relay Champions 2014



Code of Conduct Print E-mail

This code applies to all persons who are members, parents/guardians of members, coaches/teachers, helpers or participants acting on behalf of Taunton Deane Swimming Club.

Please do read carefully the contents.


1. Swimmers will swim because they enjoy swimming and not to please anybody else. Parents/guardian, coaches/helpers/teachers, will encourage my child to swim but will not exert any undue influence on him/her.

2. Swimmers will be well behaved and work hard to improve their own personal swimming ability.

3. Members, parents/guardians of members, coaches/teachers, helpers or participants acting on behalf of Taunton Deane Swimming will co-operate fully with one another

4. Members, parents/guardians of members coaches/teachers, helpers or participants acting on behalf of Taunton Deane Swimming will appreciate the efforts put in by others and will show them due consideration and respect.

5. Any cause for concern relating to incidents that occur in the changing facilities or poolside will be raised with the coach/poolside staff in the first instance. If the issue is not resolved satisfactorily then the matter will then be brought to the attention of the committee via the Chairman or other officer of the club.


6. All persons will refrain from using offensive language, physical or verbal abuse of others and shall respect the property of others.

7. Bullying in any form will not be tolerated. The Committee or a panel appointed by them will act upon any report of bullying without delay. A victim or concerned party may refer the matter as a complaint direct to the: Taunton Deane Swimming Club Welfare Officer; ASA (01509 618700); or contact the NSPCC confidential Child Helpline (Swimline) on 0808 100 4001 (24 hours).

8. Members, parents/guardians, coaches/helpers/teachers will not use ay photographic equipment, including a mobile phone with camera facilities, at any training, competition or event involving Taunton Deane Swimming unless provisions to register their use formally exist.

9. Members, parents/guardians, coaches/helpers/teachers will behave in an appropriate manner and refrain from any activity likely to bring the Taunton Deane Swimming into disrepute. They shall respect the rights of others to participate and refrain form any act or omission likely o cause, damage, loss or disruption.

10. Smoking or the consumption of alcohol by swimmers during club swimming/training activities or whilst on club organised transport is not permitted.

11. Drugs and/or other substances abuse will not be tolerated at any level. Any members suspecting substance misuse should report the matter immediately.


12. The Coach/teachers/helpers will do everything possible to ensure a safe environment for swimming activities. They shall respect the rules governing the sport and any guidelines issued by the pool owner/operator. Health and Safety Laws and any relevant by-laws or rules of the club shall be complied with.

13. All persons are responsible for their own health and safety and shall refrain from any act likely to compromise the health and safety of themselves or of others.

14. Swimmers will not swim if they do not have the necessary medication (e.g. inhalers) with them.

15. Any adult person having contact with children on poolside whilst acting for Taunton Deane Swimming is required to register with the ASA.

16. For the health and safety of swimmers, adult members and those swimmers not involved in the training session should refrain from accessing the poolside and distracting coaching staff, unless in an emergency. Non-intrusive access to the poolside (e.g. for providing training equipment/water bottles) is acceptable if absolutely necessary. Coaching staff may be available for consultation at the end of each training session or by arrangement via the swimmer.

17. No person is permitted to be on poolside unless they have the permission of the pool and/or coaching staff.


18. Coaches/teachers/helpers have the right to temporarily exclude a member if their behaviour is deemed inappropriate. This exclusion will cover all or part of a session and will be reported to a member of the committee. A swimmer under the age of 18, who is excluded, must remain on poolside until a responsible parent/guardian takes charge of them. If the coach/teacher/guardian seeks a longer exclusion, the matter will be brought to the attention of the Committee who will decide on the course of action to be taken within the ASA and/or Taunton Deane Swimming

19. Taunton Deane Swimminhg has the right to, in writing, formally warn a members parent of member, coach, teacher, helper or participants acting on behalf of Taunton Deane swimming in relation to matters covered by this code.